EB-1B: Outstanding Professor or Researcher

Brief Introduction 

  • Must show international recognition as being outstanding in a specific academic area​
  • Must have at least three years of experience in teaching or research in the academic area
  • While no labor certification is required, there must be an offer of ongoing employment from the sponsoring employer
  • For a college or university teacher or researcher, the job must be for a tenured or tenure-track position 
  • May not self-petition


  • Visas are mostly immediately available for those who qualify
  • May file with premium processing, shortening the processing time 


  • I-140 Application (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker): Premium processing reduces the I-140 processing time from 6-8 months to 15 calendar days but requires an additional $1,410 fee​
  • I-485 Application (Permanent Residence Application): 6 months
  • Can submit both at the same time but if I-140 is rejected then your I-485 form will automatically be rejected as well 

​​Qualifications Criteria (need 3 of the following 10)


  • Recognition internationally as outstanding in a specific academic field, and at least three years of teaching or research in the field and
    • (a) the offer of a tenured or tenure-track teaching position or the offer of a comparable research position, OR
    • (b) the offer of a research position having no fixed term and in which the employee will ordinarily have an expectation of permanent employment, OR
    • (c) the offer of a comparable research position with a private employer if the employer has at least three full-time researchers and documented accomplishments in the research field
  • International Recognition Proof
    • Petition for EB1-B must establish that the foreign person is recognized internationally as outstanding in a specific academic field 




  • 必須因特定学科的杰出表現而拥有国际性知名度​
  • 需要有至少三年的相关研究或教学经验
  • 申请不需要劳工认证书的程序, 但需要由雇主出面担保申请
  • 如果是大学老师或研究人员,必须是终身职或是將得到终身职的职位
  • 不能自行申请


  • 如果您的申请有被批准,往往能马上获得签证 (注:具体签证日期应以国务院发布的为准)
  • 申请可以加急,因此可缩短申请时间


  • 申请 I-140(外籍劳工移民申请)申请可以加急,可将申请时间从6至8个月缩短至15天,但需多缴$1,410美元的费用
  • 调整身份(永久居留)申请书: 六个月
  • 可以同时提交I-485 和 I-140 申请, 但如果I-140 没通过,则I-485申请会自动被驳回, 增加您的费用



  • 在特定的学术领域中享有杰出国际知名度和至少有三年的教学或研究经验,并且:
    • (a) 受聘为终身职教授或是将得到终身职教授或是同等級的研究员,或
    • (b) 受聘为无雇用期限的研究员--雇主通常视之为固定永久职位,或
    • (c) 受聘为私人雇主为同等級的研究员,如果该雇主雇用至少三名全职研究员且在该研究领域可证明有一定贡献
  • 具有国际性声望之证据
    • 绿卡申请必须确立此外籍人士在其特定学术领域內是享有国际性声望的杰出人士