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Ying Cao Attorney

Ying Cao, Esq.

Since founding Ying Cao Law LLC, in the practice area of business immigration, Ms. Cao and her team have successfully applied for H-1B work visas for many US companies .  The team have represented clients with extraordinary ability in the fields of sciences, sports and business to apply for EB-1 immigration visa or O-1 nonimmigrant work visa.  Ms. Cao is representing companies headquartered in China and Japan to form US subsidiaries and apply for L-1 visas to send their intra-company executive transferees or transferees with specialized knowledge to work in the US.   

In the practice area of investment immigration, Ms. Cao has successfully represented several Chinese investors to conduct due diligence of EB-5 regional center projects, analyze risks, guide clients to prepare source of funds documents, prepare and submit applications to USCIS. 

In the practice area of real estate, Ms. Cao has closed commercial and residential real estate transactions, negotiated commercial lease and attended township planning board hearings of use variance applications. 

 In addition, Ms. Cao is actively engaging in giving back to her community by providing pro bono legal service to several NY & NJ non-profit organizations, such as applying for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and providing general corporate advice.

Ms. Cao was born and grew up in Beijing, China.  She receives B.A. in 1993 from Beijing Foreign Studies University, M.S. in 1999 from University of Michigan and J. D. with honors in 2006 from Rutgers University School of Law-Newark.  She was offered an Associate position to join a prestigious Wall Street law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP (ranking the 3rd in US), a year prior to her graduation.  Ms. Cao is licensed to practice law in both New York and New Jersey, and is admitted to practice in the Federal District Courts for the Southern District of New York and Eastern District of New York.  She is able to advise clients in both English and Chinese. 


曹英律师是位于美国大纽约地区的 Ying Cao Law LLC (英卓律师事务所) 的创始人。在2014年创办自己的律师事务所前,曹英律师在世界排名第三的纽约著名华尔街律师事务所苏利文.克伦威尔律师事务所(Sullivan & Cromwell LLP) 和位于时报广场的普凯律师事务所(Pryor Cashman LLP), 古温波特律师事务所(Goodwin Procter LLP) 执业八年, 熟悉跨国公司架构,中美跨境投资相关法律。代表中国公司向美国联邦及州政府监管机构递交申请,应对调查、谈判,起草和处理商业合同纠纷等方面积累了丰富的经验, 致力服务拓展美国业务的中国公司和在美华人。 

 自创办英卓律师事务所以来,在职业移民领域,曹英律师和她的律师团队为众多在美留学学生学者替其雇主申请H-1B工作签证; 为杰出的科技,体育和商业人才办理工作签证和申请移民身份; 为众多总部位于美国、中国、日本、印度、巴基斯坦及其他国家的企业在美设立子公司并申办L-1 签证派遣高级经理、行政主管、或拥有特殊专业技术的人员去美国分公司工作, 广受客户的好评。



曹律师还积极回馈社区,免费帮助几家纽约、新泽西州当地的华人社团成立并申请具备501(c)(3) 免税资质的非盈利组织并提供长年法律咨询服务。

曹英律师在北京出生长大,1993年从北京外国语大学毕业取得学士学位。1996年赴美留学。她先于密西根大学取得硕士学位,之后在一家财富500强公司工作。 她于2003年进入新泽西州的罗格斯大学法学院学习。2006年作为优秀毕业生毕业,获得法学博士学位。毕业前一年已被总部位于纽约的全球排名第三的著名华尔街律所苏利文.克伦威尔律师事务所(Sullivan & Cromwell LLP)录用。曹英律师同时拥有纽约和新泽西两州的执业资格,是纽约南区和东区联邦法庭的出庭律师,中英文流利,可以普通话与客户沟通。


'Carolyn' Rui Ma

Since joining Ying Cao Law LLC, in the practice area of business immigration, Carolyn has successfully obtained H-1B and L-1 work visas for numerous clients.  Prior to joining Ying Cao Law LLC, she worked in the legal team of Huawei Technologies USA, Inc. Carolyn passed July 2018 New York Bar examination and her application to the New York Bar is pending. She was a bar registered PRC lawyer and had a career of advising foreign firms on their China operations acquisitions and divestments in Shanghai before she moved to U.S.

Carolyn obtained Bachelor of laws and Master of laws degree in China and received Master of Laws from SMU Dedman School of law. She is able to advise clients in both English and Chinese.

Carolyn 马锐

自加入英卓律师事务所来,在职业移民领域,Carolyn已经成功为很多客户获批了H-1B 和L-1 工作签证。此前,她曾在华为美国法律部工作。Carolyn通过了纽约州律师资格考试,正在等待宣誓。赴美之前,她曾在上海执业多年,主要从事外商投资,并购等公司业务。

Carolyn在中国取得了法学学士和法学硕士学位,在美国获得了南卫理公会大学法学硕士学位。 Carolyn可以中文及英文与客户沟通。


Nicholas Fortuna, Esq.​

Of counsel to Ying Cao Law LLC, Mr. Fortuna has more than 25 years of litigating cases before juries and judges in federal and state courts, arguing cases before federal and state appellate courts, and handling matters before administrative tribunals and federal, state, and municipal regulatory agencies.  Mr. Fortuna mainly advises clients on a wide range of issues of employment law and corporate law. Mr. Fortuna also has diverse clients, including Fortune 500 companies, biotech firms, major manufacturers, nationwide retailers, banks, construction industry professionals, regional and family-owned business.

Interviewed and quoted in a variety of local and national media, Mr. Fortuna has appeared in Forbes Magazine and has been featured as a legal analyst on ABC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, CNBC, Fox and NBC and on various television business shows.

Mr. Fortuna is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey. He is also admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York, U.S. District Court Eastern District of New York, U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.



福涛南律师曾多次被地区以及全国性的新闻媒体所采访与报道。他曾出现在福布斯杂志,还作为法律专家受邀参加美国各大电视节目,包括ABC(美国广播公司), CBS(美国哥伦比亚广播公司), CNBC(美国全国广播公司财经频道), CNN(美国有线电视新闻网), Fox(福克斯电视台) and NBC(美国全国广播公司)以及其他电视商业节目等。



Flavio Van Boekel, Esq.​​

 Of counsel to Ying Cao Law LLC, Mr. Van Boekel is rated by Super Lawyers as “Rising Star 2017” in the field of Family and Matrimonial Law, Divorce, and Related Issues such as Custody and Child Support. In addition, he is also an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Mr. Van Boekel has had several trials under his belt including divorce, civil, deportation and criminal trials, countless motions, and has won the prestige and reputation of an excellent litigator even by the account of his adversaries. Mr. Van Boekel earned his Law Degree from Michigan State College of Law Cum Laude in 2009.  Mr. Van Boekel is licensed to practice law in New Jersey and is admitted to the Supreme Court of the United States, U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey and New Jersey Supreme Court. He is able to advise clients in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, while his assistant is fluent in Russian and Ukrainian.


​范鲍克·弗拉维奥律师是英卓律师事务所的顾问律师。在婚姻家庭法、离婚及相关问题(如儿童监护与抚养)等领域被评选为2017年的“超级律师”。此外,他也是美国移民律师协会的活跃成员。范鲍克律师现在还肩负数宗庭审大案涉案内容涵盖离婚,民事诉讼,驱逐出境和刑事诉讼。范律师有着无数次诉讼经验,作为一个优秀的诉讼人,他有着极高的威信和声誉。范律师于2009年作为优等生从密歇根州立大学法学院毕业获得法学博士学位。范律师拥有新泽西州律师执照,是美国最高法院、美国联邦地区法院和新泽西州最高法院的出庭律师。 他能够以英语,西班牙语和葡萄牙语为客户提供咨询服务,他的助手可以流利地讲俄语和乌克兰语。