Law Clerk Position

We are hiring a full-time Law Clerk to work in our Short Hills, NJ office. Job duties include but not limited to:

  • Conduct legal research by studying laws, statutes, regulations, court opinions, and prepare legal memoranda for attorneys on specific legal issues based on legal research. 
  • Prepare legal drafts by assembling and organizing information for legal forms and documents, including complaints, declarations, discovery requests, responses, and other pleadings. 
  • Prepare draft immigration and non-immigration petitions and supporting documents, legal due diligence documents and commercial and residential real estate closing forms. 
  • Research case laws, draft motions, legal briefs or other court documents to assist attorneys develop litigation strategies and solid arguments for litigation cases. 
  •  Participate in legal due diligence, case evaluations, conference calls or discussions with clients under the supervision of attorney, and respond to questions and review the work product of support staffs. 
  • Keep abreast of changes in the law and USCIS adjudication practices by drafting articles and legal alerts to inform potential clients. 
  •  Assist clients with the formation of companies, including company registration, drafting Article of Incorporation, Bylaws, board resolutions and stock certificates. 
  • Administer case management system, and track case status on a regular basis and inform clients their case status. 

Education Requirement:

Must have J.D or LLM Degree

Public Relations Specialist Position


We are hiring a full-time Public Relations Specialist to work in our Short Hills, NJ office. Job duties include but not limited to:

  • Design layout and write articles to be posted on popular social media to promote the Firm’s practice areas and success stories.
  • Respond to inquiries from social media, cultivate and maintain relationships with clients and potential clients. 
  • Design, develop and maintain the Firm’s website which includes information related to the Firm’s practice areas, attorney bios, success stories, legal alert and insights, etc. 
  • Monitor and analyze the legal industry marketing trend, identify main client groups, their needs and their feedback, determine the Firm’s position in the marketplace and figure out the best ways to reach the clients and the strategies of promotions. 
  • Arrange online and offline seminars, prepare Power Point presentations and talking points for attorneys to inform clients and potential clients about latest legal development and the Firm’s services.
  • Evaluate advertising and promotional programs to determine whether they are compatible with the Firm’s public relations efforts.
  • Develop and maintain the corporate image and identity of the Firm by designing logos, posters and signs. 

Education Requirement:

Must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in visual art, marketing, public relations or other related majors.

How to Submit your Resume to Ying Cao Law LLC


If you are interested, please put the Title of the position in the Subject line and send your resume to info@yclawllc.com