EB 2 PERM: Employment-Based, Second Preference Immigration

Brief Introduction 

  • All Second Preference applicants must have a labor certification approved by the DOL, or Schedule A designation, or establish that they qualify for one of the shortage occupations in the Labor Market Information Pilot Program
  • May be eligible for this employment-based, second preference visa if you hold an advanced degree or its equivalent, or a foreign national who has exceptional ability
  • The job you apply for must require an advanced degree and you must possess such a degree or its equivImmigrationalent (a baccalaureate degree plus 5 years progressive work experience in the field)
  • You must be able to show exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business​
  • Aliens seeking a national interest waiver should request that the Labor Certification be waived because it is in the interest of the United States 


  • First step:
    • Employer who wishes to hire a foreign worker must file with the US Department of Labor for Permanent Labor Certification using Program Electronic Management Review (PERM) System
    • Employer will need to go through an extensive recruiting process to ensure that no qualified American workers are available to take the position
    • Going through this process the right way is key, as raising suspicion may trigger an audit from the Department of Labor, possibly delaying your application by up to a year and a half
  • Second step:
    • Receive a PERM form from the Dept. of Labor
    • Employer must complete and file form I-140, the petition for the EB-2 visa
    • Must wait for priority date (based on when the application is received by Dept. of Labor
  • Third step:
    • If outside US, one-on-one interview with consulate is required
    • If inside, can simply file for an Adjustment of Status using Form I-485


  • Currently overall takes more than 11 months to process
  • If PERM Labor Certificate is required then the timeline expands to anywhere from 8 months to 2 years
  • May also opt for the premium processing service, paying an additional $1,410 to shorten your processing time to 15 days
  • Once the petition approved, you must wait for your priority date to be current – it will be current in most countries except China and India, as it may be several years before your priority date is current in those two countries
  • I-485 will then be submitted which takes around 11 to 35 months to process, depending on which service center the case is submitted to.​​




  • 所有第二优先申请人必须领有劳工部的劳工认证或附表A的指定批准的劳工证明,或确定符合“本地劳工的就业”​
  • 如果您有高级学位或其同等学历或有卓越的能力有机会申请EB-2 Visa
  • 您申请的工作一定要要求高级的学位或其同等学历
  • 在科学、艺术或商业领域拥有杰出才能
  • 涉及美国国家利益的外籍申请者可要求免除申请劳工认证书


  • 第一步
    • 雇用外籍人士的雇主通过劳工短缺规定办法获得美国劳工部审批的劳工认证书
    • 雇主必须详细的确认没有别的,适当的,美国员工符合该职位
    • 正确的通过这个流程是申请的关键,若是引起怀疑可能会触发劳工部的审计,可能会拖延一年半的申请时间
  • ​第二步
    • ​​过得劳工部的劳工认证书
    • 雇主必须填写并提交I-140表格(外籍劳工移民申请),第二优先EB-2职业移民签证
    • 等待优先排期(根据劳工部收到申请时的情况)​
  • 第三步
    • 如果在美国境外,需要与领事馆进行一对一的面试
    • 如果在境内,只需提交I-485调整身份申请书



  • 整体需要6个月的时间处理
  • 如果劳工认证书是必需的,那么时间将延长从8个月到2年
  • 也可以选择加急服务,另外需支付$1,410美元的费用,如此可缩短处理时间到15天
  • 得到批准后,您需要等待优先排期,除 了中国和印度以外的大部分国家是无需要等待排期的,这两个国家的优先等待排期 可能要几年​
  • 调整身份申请书表,需要大约六个月的时间处理​