H-1B3 Visas for Distinguished Fashion Models

Brief Introduction 

  • One of the subcategories of H-1B
  • Only 65,000 H-1B visas are available year-to-year with an additional 20,000 visas allocated for individuals who hold a master’s degree or higher
  • H-1B visas are valid for 3 years; after 3 years are up you may apply for a 3-year extension for a total of 6 years.

H-1B3 Intended Usage

  • For top domestic and international models to work at distinguished modelling companies in the United States

H-1B3 Benefits


  • An H-1B3 visa’s requirements for a model’s fame and recognition are less stringent than the requirements for an O-1 visa
  • May apply for a U.S. green card through your employer after working in the U.S.
  • While your H-1B3 is valid, your spouse and children can apply for an H-4 visa to enter the United States where they can study United States but not work

H-1B3 Application

  • An American employer must sign a labor contract with the applying model
  • Offered wage must not be lower than the minimum wage set by the Department of Labor
  • The American employer must prove that the model will be performing either at events/shows that have a distinguished reputation or for organizations with a distinguished reputation
  • The applying model must have outstanding talent and recognition: 

Models themselves must have outstanding talent and recognition that can be proved using the following qualifications (minimum of two):

* The model has been reviewed across magazines, newspapers, television, websites, etc.

* The model has received praise from critics, reputable fashion companies, model agents, or other field experts

* The model commands a high salary relative to the field (can be proved using copies of contracts)

* The model has, is, and/or will perform either at events/shows that have a distinguished reputation or for organizations with a distinguished reputation

Note: The application model does not need to provide proof of the academic qualifications required by H-1B

H-1B3 Application Timeline

  • US employers submit an LCA (Labor Condition Application) to the Department of Labor
  • At the beginning of the annual H-1B draw (usually in early April each year), submit Form I-129 along with proof of the above requirements to the USCIS.
  • 3-6 months for review of the H-1B3 as the expedited services has been suspended
  • If approved, your H-1B3 visa will be active from October 1 and on

Differences from O-1 work visas:

  • You may apply for O-1 work visas at any time with no annual quota
  • O-1 work visas does not require a labor contract in the United StatesO-1 work visa eligibility requirements are higher than that of an 


H-1B3 时装模特赴美工作签证简介


  • ​​是赴美工作签证的一种, 是H-1B的一种子签证类型。
  • 每年有名额限制。 与H-1B工作签证一起抽签,移民局每年共发放65,000个常规名额和另外20,000个在美获得硕士学位或更高学位的名额 。身份初始有效期为3年,之后可以延期,总共可以延期到6年

H-1B3 适用人群:

  • 专门提供给在国内或者国际上享有名气的时装模特,让模特通过申请H-1B3工作签证可以进入美国顶尖模特公司工作


  • 1. H-1B3工作签证对模特自身的有名程度要求低于 O-1工作签证
  • 2. 可以来美工作之后通过雇主申请美国绿卡
  • 3. 在H-1B3工作期间,配偶和孩子可以申请H-4签证一起进入美国,可以在美学习,不能工作


  • ​有美国雇主愿意与申请模特签订劳工合同
  • 工资不低于劳工部规定的区域最低工资标准
  • 美国雇主名声显赫或者申请模特会被美国雇主聘用来美国参加时装秀等活动
  • 申请模特自身拥有杰出的才能和知名度:
    * 该模特被各类杂志,报纸,电视,网站等认可
    * 该模特被评论家,时装大牌公司,模特中介,或者其他在这领域的专家认可赞扬
    * 该模特的工资高于其他的同行 (可出示证据:合同等)
    * 该模特参与过或即将参加享有盛名的的活动或秀或者是有声望的组织

H-1B3 申请时间和过程:

  • 美国雇主向劳工部递交LCA (劳工情况申请)
  • 在每年H-1B抽签开始的时间( 一般每年四月初),递交I-129 表格和以上证明材料一起给移民局
  • 审核H-1B3的时间,因现在加急服务还未恢复,大约需要3-6个月
  • H-1B3工作开始时间是每年的10月1日及其以后

​​与O-1 工作签证的区别:

  • 相比于H-1B3,  O-1工作签证任何时候都可以申请,没有名额限制
  • O-1工作签证不需要在美有劳工合同,而H-1B3需要在美有劳工合同
  • O-1工作签证的申请要求和证明要求都高于H-1B3